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What are the advantages of intelligent disinfection robots?


In recent years, under the influence of factors such as increased labor productivity and accelerated technological innovation, the global manufacturing landscape is changing. The increase in labor costs worldwide and the acceleration of manufacturing transformation and upgrading have prompted countries to accelerate the implementation of intelligent manufacturing and automated production plans. The deep integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry is triggering far-reaching industrial changes, forming new production methods, industrial forms, business models, and economic growth points. In terms of manufacturing methods, intelligent equipment based on information physical systems, intelligent factories and other intelligent manufacturing are leading new changes. Intelligent robots, high-end CNC machine tools and other equipment, as carriers of intelligent manufacturing and digital factories, have become important driving forces for promoting economic growth in various countries.

Our protagonist today is intelligent robots. In the field of intelligent robots, there are also many types, such as industrial robots, disinfection robots, distribution robots, and so on.

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Let's take a look at the advantages of intelligent disinfection robots!

We all know that the work content of the hospital disinfection supply center determines that the nursing staff in the center inevitably have to frequently come into contact with sharp tools, contaminated equipment, chemical disinfectants, etc., and their work is often carried out in humid, hot, noisy, and ultraviolet environments. They are high-risk groups for occupational hazards and generally face two major problems: heavy tasks and safety risks. At this point, the advantages of medical disinfection robots become apparent;

Intelligent disinfection robots not only ensure the safety of disinfection work, but also are more efficient, safe, and tireless compared to manual operations. They can free manpower from a large number of mechanical repetitive disinfection operations and engage in more creative work.

At present, the one heart, one doctor intelligent disinfection robots seen on the market for epidemic prevention and disinfection have efficient ultrasonic waves μ M atomized disinfectant, rapid diffusion, 360 degree no dead corners, full space sterilization and disinfection, combined with all-round ultraviolet lamps, effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, and can be freely switched according to the scene.


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The company has complete relevant qualifications

The intelligent disinfection robot has a large capacity of 16L, which can achieve continuous operation. It comes with a UI touch screen, which is simple and fast, and easy to operate. It also has a low-level liquid alarm prompt function, intelligent anti dry burning, and improves safety performance. Disinfection operations can be fully intelligent and autonomous, with human-machine separation to ensure personnel safety, and low battery self charging. In addition, automated disinfection can be carried out by pressing buttons, remote control, or scheduled tasks to start the automated disinfection process. The robot's working status can be monitored at any time, and work records can be automatically saved.

Through the above, I believe you have a corresponding understanding of intelligent disinfection robots, and you will find that technological progress makes life better, making artificial intelligence products truly enter offline scenarios and widely used.

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