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SHENZHEN ONE HEART ON MEDICAL INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is located in the only national biopharmaceutical industry base in Shenzhen - Shenzhen Biomedical Industry Park. The company is committed to the development of intelligent healthcare, mainly focusing on AI artificial intelligence devices and information technology project solutions. Adhering to the gradient development principle of "registering one generation, producing and selling one generation, pre researching one generation", we strive to make AI (love) go hand in hand with health!

At present, the products on the market include intelligent drug delivery robots, intelligent disinfection robots, intelligent follow-up nursing robots, intelligent electrocardiogram machines, etc. FOCUS&ONLY Robotics is based on medical technology and focuses on research and innovation in core industry technologies such as high-precision positioning, autonomous navigation, vision, and intelligent scheduling systems. It has obtained multiple technology patents and intellectual property rights in this field. Empowering intelligent medical platforms, medical devices, and hospital infection management, to improve decision-making and regulatory efficiency for hospitals, provide advanced products and high-quality services to patients, reduce medical costs, and reduce occupational injuries for medical staff.

By deeply integrating artificial intelligence technology with medical devices, the company is committed to creating a distinctive ecological platform of "AI artificial intelligence robots+high-end medical devices", insisting on becoming a determined pioneer in medical technology and a representative of China's strength in safeguarding human health!

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