Digital multi-channel electrocardiogram

Focusing on the field of AI and artificial intelligence, rooted in clinical practice, adopting advanced technology, we have developed a high-end intelligent electrocardiogram machine. This machine will empower clinical electrocardiogram doctors and effectively improve the work efficiency of frontline clinical doctors

Digital multi-channel electrocardiogram


Digital 12 lead electrocardiogram machine

01 Intelligent and precise

  • Hardware Platform

    A new generation of hardware platform design ensures high accuracy, no distortion, and no loss of electrocardiogram data collection;

  • Algorithm platform

    Intelligent electrocardiogram algorithm, compliant with AHA and CSE database standards, pacing analysis algorithm, can quickly and accurately capture more precise pacing signals;

  • High sampling rate


  • High polarization resistance voltage

    High polarization resistance voltage: S950;



Digital 12 lead electrocardiogram machine

02 Collaborative interconnection

Digital 12 lead electrocardiogram machine READ MORE


Digital 18 lead electrocardiogram machine

03 Safe and efficient

  • 12 inch high-definition full touch screen

    It is convenient for medical personnel to disinfection and sterilization, reduces the failure rate and improves the reliability of the equipment;

  • Concise and intuitive

    The operation interface is simple, the workflow is efficient and intuitive, and high-quality electrocardiogram waveforms are collected efficiently with one click.

  • Multiple protection

    Support multiple protections such as file password setting, system password setting, and system maintenance password setting to ensure data security.

  • ECG Room

    ECG Room

  • Department of cardiology

    Department of cardiology

  • Cardiovascular disease

    Cardiovascular disease

  • General clinical department

    General clinical department

  • Auxiliary diagnosis

    Auxiliary diagnosis

  • Surgery


  • Emergency department

    Emergency department

  • ICU


  • Operating room

    Operating room

  • Physical examination

    Physical examination

  • Hierarchical medical system

    Hierarchical medical system

  • Special application scenarios

    Special application scenarios

Application scenarios

Applied in different scenarios: service halls, laboratories, airports, workshops, food enterprises, hotels, schools, hospitals, subways, etc.

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