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Intelligent disinfection robots provide strong support for the prevention and control of hospital infection in modern hospitals


With the rapid development of the economy and the increasing trend of aging population, the overall demand for health services among residents is on the rise, and China's disinfection product industry has ushered in important market opportunities. Disinfection products are preparations used to kill pathogenic microorganisms on transmission media and achieve harmless requirements. Unlike antibiotics, their main role in disease prevention is to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms outside the human body, cut off the transmission route of infectious diseases, and achieve the goal of controlling infectious diseases.

Intelligent disinfection robots provide strong support for the prevention and control of hospital infection in modern hospitals(图1)

During the COVID-19 epidemic, disinfection, as one of the main external measures against the epidemic, is particularly important.

As a high-tech enterprise that provides intelligent medical robots, medical equipment, and medical information product solutions for intelligent healthcare, we have independently developed intelligent disinfection robots. The robots integrate multiple functions such as autonomous positioning and navigation, multi-mode disinfection, friendly human-machine interaction, and intelligent scheduling and management into an intelligent disinfection equipment. The combination of micron level atomization disinfection and multi angle ultraviolet lamp disinfection function provides comprehensive and efficient disinfection and sterilization guarantee for the air environment in the scene, providing strong guarantee for the prevention and control of hospital infection in modern hospitals.

The disinfection characteristics of intelligent disinfection robots:


1. Pneumatic lifting nozzle for multi degree body spraying, 360 ° dead end

2. Ultra large atomized disinfectant with good dispersibility and complete coverage, up to 6-log level

3. Collect 4 sets of 40W high-power purple light lamps, with high disinfection efficiency

4.1000m ³ Space, disinfection completed in at least 15 minutes


1. The task configuration tool can be used to configure task time, route, content, activity frequency, task planning, etc. on site for machines

2. Automated disinfection, where buttons, remote controls, or scheduled tasks begin the automated disinfection process

3. Monitor the working status of the machine at any time, save work records, use main navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, use main charging, and disconnect from manual operation to save time


1. Ultra high pressure atomized disinfectant, no residue in the disinfection process, safer

2. Machine separation to reduce human contact and effectively reduce the risk of infection

3. Install a body sensing module to automatically turn off the purple light when someone approaches, ensuring the safety of personnel

It is somewhat different from traditional disinfection methods:

The intelligent disinfection robot mainly completes the spray process by spreading dry fog to the area requiring sterilization. When the average diameter of a droplet is less than 10 microns, the sprayed mist can be called "dry"; The properties of dry mist make it more diffusible, leaving no dead corners during disinfection and sterilization, and not corroding equipment, color steel plates, and walls. Research has shown that the smaller the atomized particles, the longer their suspension time in the air, and the more likely they are to have full contact with bacteria in the air to achieve disinfection and sterilization purposes.

With the gradual deepening of people's understanding of disinfection products, coupled with the awakening of people's health awareness, the demand for disinfection products in China has gradually increased, driving the growth of production; We have made professional predictions on the development trend of the disinfection industry in the coming years.

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