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Hospital intelligent robots
Industry trend analysis

At present, the popularity of medical robots in the medical field in China is at a relatively low level. Under the comprehensive influence of favorable policies, intensified aging, increased consumer groups, and accelerated industrial development, the Chinese medical robot market is developing rapidly.

Since the epidemic hit in 2020, COVID-19 virus is mainly transmitted through air, contact and other means. Medical robots can cut off the contact between the source of infection and medical staff from the source to avoid cross infection. Among them, disinfection robots have become the backbone of medical robots; The main force;, Responsible for disinfection and sterilization to prevent the spread of viruses through air, contact, and other means.
Pain points that can be solved by the overall solution of hospital intelligent robots

DR-2020 Overall Solution

  DR-2020 overall solution: DR-2020 adopts an automatic lifting nozzle with a 360 ° non dead angle three-dimensional spraying of ultra dry and atomized multiple disinfectants, with an average diameter of less than 10 droplets μ The dry mist droplets do not settle and undergo irregular motion (Brownian motion principle). The longer the suspension time in the air, the more dispersed the atomized mist droplets are through high-speed airflow to the disinfection area, achieving regional disinfection. Spraying mist can be called "dry"; With good diffusivity and no dead space left for disinfection and sterilization, it is more likely to fully contact with bacteria in the air to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. The robot simultaneously installs four high-power ultraviolet light tubes to disinfection and sterilization the air, and the power of a single light tube at 1m can reach 145 μ W/c ㎡, which can quickly kill bacterial propagules, spore fungi, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms, thoroughly disinfect the indoor air and surface, and have a good killing effect on COVID-19.

Hospital intelligent robots
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