Digital 12 lead electrocardiogram machine

  • Compatible with multiple leads
  • Multiple advanced feature analysis
  • Support bidirectional data transmission and break down information barriers.
  • High sampling rate
  • Integrated full screen design


Digital 12 lead electrocardiogram machine

● 64KHZ high sampling rate, supporting pacing sampling

● Ultra high polarization resistance voltage, stronger anti-interference ability

● 10.4-inch large screen display, touch operation

● Supports synchronous collection of 9/12 leads and display on the same screen

● Integrated full screen design, safe and fast operation

● Advanced anti baseline drift technology, fast and stable baseline

● The algorithm is accurate and has been tested in international databases such as AHA/MIT/CSE

● One click quick operation, 12 lead synchronous collection, analysis, storage, and upload


Digital 12 lead electrocardiogram machine

● Quick report, instant printing, no need to wait

● Multiple sampling modes, supporting 10s-30min data collection

● Supports long-term data freezing function, supports truncated data analysis, and printing

● Large data storage capacity, supports USB flash drives, SD card import and export

● Supports wired and wireless networking, and bidirectional communication with the electrocardiogram information system

● Supports a variety of rich file and report formats

  • ECG Room

    ECG Room

  • Department of cardiology

    Department of cardiology

  • Cardiovascular disease

    Cardiovascular disease

  • General clinical department

    General clinical department

  • Auxiliary diagnosis

    Auxiliary diagnosis

  • Surgery


  • Emergency department

    Emergency department

  • ICU


  • Operating room

    Operating room

  • Physical examination

    Physical examination

  • Hierarchical medical system

    Hierarchical medical system

  • Special application scenarios

    Special application scenarios

Application scenarios

Applied in different scenarios: electrocardiogram room, cardiology department, CCU, cardiovascular specialist patients, general clinical department, emergency department, physical examination, ICU, operating room, etc.

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