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Intelligent disinfection robot has been launched in Karamay Central Hospital in Xinjiang


Recently, the new "employee" of Karamay Central Hospital in Xinjiang - the intelligent disinfection robot "DR-2020" has attracted the attention of people entering and leaving the hospital.

Intelligent disinfection robot has been launched in Karamay Central Hospital in Xinjiang(图1)

Medical intelligent disinfection robot

It is understood that this is the intelligent disinfection robot launched by ONE HEART ON MEDICAL to assist in the epidemic, and the hospital has recently introduced several units. Among them, we can see the figures of robots shuttling through the main roads, inpatient areas, medical examination areas, ultrasound areas, and other major floors of the hospital.

With the help of intelligent and efficient disinfection methods, we can reduce the possibility of virus infection in places with large flow of people and many potential germs, such as hospitals, through 24-hour non-stop disinfection and sterilization, so as to provide a safer and more reassuring medical environment for everyone.

Intelligent disinfection robot has been launched in Karamay Central Hospital in Xinjiang(图2)

Intelligent disinfection robot

The DR-2020 intelligent disinfection robot has a dual disinfection and sterilization function of ultra dry atomization disinfection and medical ultraviolet lamp.

The top of the machine is equipped with a main lifting porous spray head to ensure 360 ° vertical coverage. The distance between fog making and spray is far, so that there is enough space for the fan to accelerate the output of fog.

In addition, equipped with omnidirectional UV light window, it can achieve powerful disinfection and sterilization of bacteria, with a sterilization rate of 99.99%. At the same time, the DR-2020 intelligent disinfection robot adopts the core technology of ONE HEART ON MEDICAL - by deeply integrating artificial intelligence technology with medical devices, the robot can autonomously plan paths and navigation technology, and can autonomously avoid obstacles and move to reach the disinfection area.

Intelligent disinfection robot has been launched in Karamay Central Hospital in Xinjiang(图3)

In the operation of medical intelligent robots

At the same time, hold the Pad remote control to quickly and centrally disinfect the area. It can achieve machine separation, reduce human contact, effectively reduce the risk of infection, not only sterilize and disinfect, but also thoroughly and effectively improve safety. And it can be widely used in public areas such as hospitals, schools, and government halls, reducing the possibility of infection in public places and providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for everyone.

Karamay Central Hospital in Xinjiang is a large comprehensive "Grade III Grade A" hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation and first aid. It is responsible for the treatment of difficult and complicated diseases and critical diseases of more than 3 million people in Karamay and surrounding areas, as well as various medical and health work.

Intelligent disinfection robot has been launched in Karamay Central Hospital in Xinjiang(图4)

SHENZHEN ONE HEART ON MEDICAL INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a new technology enterprise that mainly provides intelligent medical machines, medical equipment, and medical information product solutions for intelligent healthcare. Focusing on the research and innovation of high-precision positioning, main navigation, machine vision, and intelligent scheduling systems, as well as other core technologies in the industry, we have obtained multiple technology patents and intellectual property rights in this field.

In fact, as early as the epidemic period, the central hospital of Karamay, Xinjiang, took the lead in preparing for the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Aksu. This time, we reached a strategic cooperation with ONE HEART ON MEDICAL, which also recognized the products and technology of ONE HEART ON MEDICAL robot, praised the efficiency and intelligence of the robot, and reduced the work intensity of medical staff and the risk of disinfection and sterilization infection for staff.

And passersby in the hospital were surprised by the intelligence and novelty of robots at work, so they took out their phones to take photos. They said that seeing hospitals using advanced equipment for disinfection makes them feel more at ease when seeking medical treatment!

Intelligent disinfection robot has been launched in Karamay Central Hospital in Xinjiang(图5)

At the beginning of 2020, ONE HEART ON MEDICAL also provided the fastest response speed and largest scale support to hospitals and isolation points in epidemic areas across the country, and gained high recognition from society.

Now, the COVID-19 has repeatedly appeared all over the country, especially the emergence of COVID-19 "Omicron" mutant, which has brought great uncertainty to the epidemic in the global spread, and global public health experts and scientists have therefore rewritten their expectations for 2022.

Winter has arrived, but no matter how cold it may be, we will eventually usher in the dawn of overcoming the epidemic, because of you, me, millions of volunteers and ordinary heroes moving forward on the front line. One heart, one doctor will use the power of technology to advance and retreat with everyone. We also firmly believe that the epidemic will eventually pass, and flowers will continue to thrive.

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