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"Da Bai LR Series Robots" - Intelligent Takeover of Hospital Logistics


On March 15, 2021, the National Health Commission issued the "Hospital Smart Management Grading Evaluation Standard System (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Standard System"), which officially includes the smart linkage management of hospital material transportation, warehousing management, sewage recovery, and disinfection.

"Da Bai LR Series Robots" - Intelligent Takeover of Hospital Logistics(图1)

"Da Bai LR Series Robots" - Intelligent Takeover of Hospital Logistics(图2)
"Da Bai LR Series Robots" - Intelligent Takeover of Hospital Logistics(图3)
"Da Bai LR Series Robots" - Intelligent Takeover of Hospital Logistics(图4)

In 2022, the General Office of the Chinese Academy of Sciences issued the "Opinions on Promoting the High Quality Development of Public Hospitals", which proposed to "strengthen the role of information technology support. Promote the construction of smart hospitals that integrate electronic medical records, smart services, and smart management, as well as the standardization of hospital information." To create hospital digital logistics management, intelligent logistics operation, and smart medical services, Improving medical quality and efficiency has become a major direction of promoting the health care reform and construction in China after the COVID-19 epidemic.

"Da Bai LR Series Robots" - Intelligent Takeover of Hospital Logistics(图5)

Da Bai LR series logistics robots, safer, more efficient, and more AI savvy

Chassis performance:

"Da Bai LR Series Robots" - Intelligent Takeover of Hospital Logistics(图6)

The "Da Bai LR" series of intelligent logistics robots meet the precise delivery needs of the entire hospital, all time, indoor and outdoor scenarios.

  • Adopting 3D LiDAR navigation technology, RGB camera, fusion vision, depth camera, ultrasound, anti drop and other technologies, achieving 100% detection of the environment to adapt to various complex environments in hospitals and flexibly avoid obstacles. 3D LiDAR navigation technology, presenting high-precision maps and 360 degree dead angle monitoring. Robots have a wide recognition range and can accurately identify the ground, suspended objects, etc., without fear of dark environments and strong light interference;

  • Adopting a new memory based motion control technology, ensuring congestion and stable climbing speed, avoiding collision accidents, and easily handling various complex transportation environments in hospitals;

  • The RGB camera used has the advantages of short focal length and large viewing angle, which can capture a wide range of scenery at close range; Through high-definition wide-angle cameras, remote mapping and equipment deployment can be achieved, suitable for various closed infectious disease scenes, etc;

  • The advanced AGV chassis design can achieve cloud based mapping function, without the need for personnel to be on-site, and can achieve remote unmanned mapping. It is highly intelligent and efficient human-machine collaboration technology.

Box performance:

"Da Bai LR Series Robots" - Intelligent Takeover of Hospital Logistics(图7)

  • The built-in ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization function reduces the risk of contamination and cross infection in the cabinet;

  • Special drug refrigeration function ensures the refrigerated transportation environment of special drugs;

  • Multiple box designs to meet the placement needs of various items.

Rights Management:

"Da Bai LR Series Robots" - Intelligent Takeover of Hospital Logistics(图8)

  • Multiple identity recognition and authentication management functions are configured, including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, IC card recognition, password verification, photo recording, etc., to prevent misuse and misuse. Combined with the task traceability function of the robot scheduling management platform, the supervision and traceability of logistics distribution throughout the hospital are achieved, making delivery materials more secure;

  • It has multiple prompt functions: voice call, smart audio, SMS, phone, etc. It uses intelligent reminder external devices to push logistics information in real time for medical staff, and circulates voice playback of task progress, package placement, pickup and other reminders; Improve logistics delivery efficiency, reduce the probability of missed, missed, and delayed items.

multi-aircraft cooperation:

"Da Bai LR Series Robots" - Intelligent Takeover of Hospital Logistics(图9)

Multiple types of models are suitable for adapting to the delivery needs of different scenarios in the entire hospital, and can be uniformly scheduled through the backend system to maximize the logistics efficiency of the hospital.

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